PM Oli urges people to get ready to cast their ballot

रेडियो दर्पण संवाददाता


Prime Minister KP Oli has reiterated timely elections while urging people to prepare themselves to cast their ballot.

“I want to reiterate that the polls will be held in the stipulated dates,” PM Oli said at a program in Dhalkebar of Dhanusha on Monday, adding, “Do not get confused. The polls will be held at any cost.”

In a tone of sarcasm, PM Oli also told the Madhesh-based parties to prove their contribution to the development of Madhesh. “They have portrayed me as anti-Madhesh. Be assured, I am not anti-Madhesh. In fact, it is my priority since I want to see all Nepalis prosper irrespective of where they belong to.”

“What did you do to uplift the living condition of the Madeshi people?” PM Oli asked the Madhesh-based leaders and parties without naming them.

“Merely taking the name of Madhesh will not work,” he said, adding, “You need to prove your contribution.”

PM Oli also asked the people whether anyone contributed to constructing roads in Madhesh?

He urged people to not run behind sentiments and emotions. “It is high time that we all came together to develop Madhesh, and revive its old-age Mithila pride and culture.”

Prime Minister Oli also lambasted the dissident leaders of the NCP for defaming the government.

Prime Minister Oli earlier inaugurated a 400KV substation of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) at Dhalkebar in Dhanusha Monday morning.