How to have s*e*x without a condom so as not to get pregnant?

Health & Fitness Apr 01, 2024

The effectiveness of contraceptive implants is 99.95 percent, copper is 99.20 percent, and the three-month injection is 97 percent.

If condoms are used regularly and correctly, their effectiveness can be up to 98 percent. But when used normally, it has been seen up to 85 percent. When the method of external ejaculation is used correctly, its effectiveness is only up to 73 percent.

Even in the situation where sperm ejaculation is inside the vagina, it is necessary to coordinate with the time of ovulation for conception. How accustomed the husband is also has an effect. Although the method of withdrawing the penis from the vagina just before ejaculation is adopted, it is difficult for people who are not used to using this method.

If you don’t know well that the semen is about to ejaculate, the penis may be delayed and the semen may fall inside the vagina or in the vaginal area. Even in such a case, the adopted method is ineffective. Apart from that, regardless of the source of stimulation, a little juice appears at the tip of the penis after vaginal stimulation.

It usually does not have Venus kit. Therefore, pregnancy does not occur from contact with this juice under normal conditions. But in some cases, if you have ejaculated some time ago through masturbation or sexual contact, there is a high chance of pregnancy.


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