Success to Nepal in hydrogen production, now it will be used as fuel in vehicles

Main News, Technology Apr 01, 2024


For the first time in Nepal, the test of hydrogen production has been successfully completed. Kathmandu University has successfully conducted the hydrogen refilling station test on Sunday (today).

Now the produced hydrogen is kept in the car. Project head of Nepal Hydrogen Initiatives under the university and deputy professor Dr. According to Virajsingh Thapa, hydrogen was added to the car after all the tests at the station were completed.

After a long effort, the university has succeeded in hydrogen production. Dr. Succeeding in this task is like climbing Mount Everest. Thapa responded. He says that this success achieved after continuous and tireless efforts has made Nepal legally enter the hydrogen era.

“The university itself has successfully done the work of producing hydrogen, storing it, and refilling it in vehicles. The hydrogen is prepared by processing Nepal’s hydropower and water,” he said.

He said that this refill station will now be formally inaugurated by a program. In addition, he mentioned that now emphasis will be placed on the commercial use of hydrogen and the government will be involved in the necessary policy making work for that.


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